The Stars

Dancing Slide 2015


Saturday, September 26, 2015
7:00 p.m.
Dodd Auditorium

Ten of Fredericksburg’s talented community leaders are rehearsing to prepare for the event.

We introduce you to your 2015 Stars!


Jon Van Zandt
President, Van Zandt Restorations

Jon Van Zandt photo “The arts are essential to life just as food and water are essential to the body.  It is only through an understanding and deeper appreciation of the arts that the mind and body are nourished as one.”


 Rozzie Whitescarver
Retired Elementary School and Dance Instructor

Whitescarver photo “Dance integrates body, art and intellect.  It provides us with some of the most valuable tools for survival: discipline, relationships, laughter and fun.”


 George Solley
Environmental Consultant with Marstel-Day, LLC

Solley photo“The arts form one of the necessary pillars of a healthy community, and that the vibrant arts activities available in Fredericksburg are a key element in making the city a wonderful place to live.”


 Amanda Talbert
Public Affairs Coordinator for GEICO

Talbert photo“Inspired by the giving spirit of my fellow GEICO associates, I am honored to give back to the local arts community in this way!”


Susan Coleman
Director of Marketing and Communications
Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center

Coleman photo“I believe that the arts provide a great opportunity for community connections, personal growth, and expression of life.  It is an honor to be a part of Dancing with Stars to help support the art community of Fredericksburg and our college students.”

Cedric Rucker
Associate Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Student Life
University of Mary Washington

Rucker photo“Artistic expression means freedom.  It allows the mind, body and soul to navigate the world gravity free, unrestricted, unleashed, and unconstrained.  The freedom of expression, which comes with escapist art, has allowed humanity to realize futures unencumbered, and brilliantly manifest.  Life without art is darkness, beyond which there is no hope, no fantasy, no laughter and no spirits soaring!”

Herman Jones
Colonel, US Army Retired

H.Jones photo“I find the Arts to be a creation of images, the communication of emotions and the interaction of media activities designed to excite the imagination and help interpret cultural values.”

Carrie O’Malley
Hirschler Fleischer Attorneys at Law

O'Malley photo

“The arts are an integral part of our culture and community. My personal favorite is the art of dance. Dance is a form of expression. While few can claim to be masters of dance technique, ALL can learn to communicate through movement. Dancing With The Fredericksburg Stars brings together masters and students to explore a mutual love of dance and to share their unique form of expression with the community.”


Heather Hagerman
Realtor and Principal of The Hagerman Group
Coldwell Banker Elite and Coldwell Banker Commercial Elite

Hagerman photo

“The arts are paramount to helping us relate better as human beings.  Appreciating art enables us to identify with another person and become more empathetic.  And that empathy might be necessary as I attempt to conquer the dance floor.”


Howard Heppe
Plastic Surgery Services of Fredericksburg

Heppe photo

“The arts have always been an integral part of my life. My mother was a classically trained pianist and my wife is an artist. In addition, my career is focused on aesthetics.
I see dance as another creative and exciting way to express oneself.”